18 May-17 June 2013 
Katarina Radovic (Serbia): On Heat, photographs

The 'On Heat' exhibition is a photographic record of the ”meeting of cultures” marked by a wedding ceremony in Burkina Faso. Katarina Radović’s photographs are the outcome of examining the complex phenomenon of marriage in which that which is private and personal (actually most intimate) on the one hand, and that which, on the other hand, is public and includes norms, the collective, the ritual and symbolic, collide in their extremes and ambivalence of created relationship. - Emilia Epstajn, Museum of African, Art, Belgrade



The exhibition is organised within the framework of the Saint-Louis art event 'Le Fleuve en Couleurs'.


Open Wed-Sun 10:00-13:00, 15:00-19:00, Mon-Tue closed

Vernissage Sat 18 May at 17:30

















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